Cloth diaper advice (coming soon)

You have to like to use cloth diapers, but you don't really know how and which ones?

I am happy to teach you already during your pregnancy which system might work for you!

In a 2 hour consultation you will learn everything you need to know to have an assured start of diapering and to diaper with cloth diapers from birth! You can give yourself the opportunity to save a lot of time and money with a consultation!



  • Cloth diapers are as simple as disposable diapers
  • Cloth diapers are chic
  • Cloth diapers save rubbish and in a few years you can still get money back if you take this usage test - cloth diaper allowance
  • Cloth diapers save hundreds of euros
  • Cloth diapers are chemical free and which ones are better off the skin
  • You can still sell cloth diapers
  • Cloth diapers allow the child to notice when it is left out and, as a result, children are clean quickly
  • Cloth diapers "cushion" the buttocks while learning to walk
  • Cloth diapers save resources and energy


For a single cloth diaper consultation, I came to your home with a colorful selection of cloth diapers. As part of an individual or couple consultation, I will show you the various diaper systems including the advantages and disadvantages of each system. You have the opportunity not only to get to know different types of cloth diapers in theory, but also to look at them, touch them and test a diaper dummy or doll.
In addition, I will introduce you to the various materials and their properties as well as practical accessories for everyday diaper changing, and you will learn the basics about washing and caring for cloth diapers.


After the consultation you will receive various information material from me, directly as a handout or by e-mail, including links and discount codes from various cloth diaper online shops.


Fee: 50 € / hour

> Follow-up consultations receive a 10% discount

Group consultations

Fee: 25 € / hour per person


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